Mobile Angular UI is a great project, combining Cordova and Angular in a hands-on Boilerplate.

Quick notes for an install from scratch (Ubuntu):


  • node and npm already installed
  1. Install Cordova
$ sudo npm install -g cordova.
$ cordova -v
  1. Install mobile-angular-ui & Yeoman
$ sudo npm install -g bower yo gulp generator-mobileangularui
  1. Create Cordova project
$ cordova create <app-name>

Alternatively use extended command:

# $ cordova create <app-folder> <app-domain-id> <app-display-title>
  1. Setup Cordova platform support for your App
$ cd <app-folder>
$ cordova platform
Installed platforms:
Available platforms: amazon-fireos, android, blackberry10, browser, firefoxos, ubuntu, webos
$ cordova platform add android
$ cordova platform add browser
  1. Install platform emulators
  1. Merge Mobile Angular UI project boilerplate
cd <app-folder>
yo mobileangularui
  1. First build
gulp build
  1. Run

Cross fingers (You have to install some missing dependencies.)

$cordova run <platform>